[vcf-midatlantic] Pick 24 :)

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Feb 4 13:51:52 EST 2016

We had discussions here a couple of months ago -- pick 32, pick 20, etc. 
-- and now that our layout is done, it'll be "pick 24" microcomputers 
for us to semi-permanently display in the new museum space.

As written by Degnan:
> I assume you'll move things around periodically


There are 25 stations, and each station could have one or two additional 
computers on its top shelf, but we definitely need to decide on the 
semi-permanent 24 systems.

There's also the Computer-of-the-Month unit.

TVT would probably go in the intro/Dudley unit, so that doesn't count 
against this latest list:

1. Apple 1 (top shelf: other SBCs/trainers -- Microtutor, KIM, etc.)
2. Apple 2 (top shelf: other models of the // series)
3. Apple Lisa (top shelf: TBD)
4. Apple Mac 128K (top shelf: TBD)
5. Laptops: Tandy Model 100, DG One, Mac Portable (top shelf: "other")
6. Atari 800 (top shelf: various other Ataris)
7. Commodore PET 2001 (top shelf: TBD)
8. Commodore 64 (top shelf: VIC-20, 128)
9. Commodore Amiga (top shelf: TBD)
10. Osborne (top shelf: Compaq Portable)
11. IBM 5100 (top shelf: HP-85b)
12. IBM 5150 (top shelf: printer, etc.)
13. Generic PC clone for Windows 3.1 (top shelf: TBD)
14. IMSAI 8080 (top shelf: TBD)
15. Standard shelving unit (no slanted shelf) of other S-100 systems 
from our collection: SOL-20, SWTPc, North* Horizon, Cromemco Z2H, etc.)
16. Mark-8 and Scelbi 8-H (top shelf: TBD)
17. MITS Altair 8800 (top shelf: Open Letter, MSFT BASIC tape, etc.)
20. NeXTstation (top shelf: TBD)
21. Sinclair ZX-80, -81, Timex-Sinclair 1000 (they're all tiny) (top 
shelf: Amstrad, since it's British)
22. TI-99/4A (top shelf: TBD)
23. TRS-80 Model 1 (top shelf: CoCo)
24: Xerox 860 (top shelf: TBD)

A wall-mounted display could include various handheld/pocket computers, 
early PDAs, etc.

Most others that jump to mind are CotM candidates: later Tandys, NCR, 
Franklin/Laser, OSI Challenger, etc.

Remember that what's on the 24-item list is based on many factors -- 
what's historical, what we actually have that works, what's 
nice-looking, etc.

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