[vcf-midatlantic] Pick some minicomputers

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Feb 4 14:51:11 EST 2016

We don't yet know how many minicomputers will fit in the new museum space.

Here are some candidates, based entirely on what we own:
- PDP-8 w/ teletype (and sign about RESISTORS)
- VAXen (many from which to choose)
- IBM System/3
- IBM System/38
- Burroughs B-80
- Prime 6550
- TI 8(00?)
- DG Eclipse
- Perkin-Elmer 3210 + other models
- AT&T 3B2 (because we previously debated it here and agreed most of the 
multi-user machines should be considered with the minis, not with the 

Am I forgetting anything in our collection? (IBM 1130 will go with the 

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