[vcf-midatlantic] minis planned for opening of museum

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Feb 4 16:09:25 EST 2016

>>> What are the non micros that will be in initial launch of the new museum
>>> space.
>> Looks like our emails crossed paths. :)  See my other message, subject
>> "Pick some minicomputers".
>> (Mainframes are already decided: All of the ones that we have. ENIAC
>> display case/signs; Bendix G-15; UNIVAC 1219B; "George"; IBM 1130.)
> I did see your message so I opened a new thread, but if you don't care yet
> to answer okee dokee.  I thought you knew what non micros were going to be
> in the museum too.  In particular pdp 8, 11/20, 11/44, prime are not micros
> and might be candidates.

Now we're just wasting precious bits. :)

Please reply to the thread I already made about minis.

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