[vcf-midatlantic] Front desk...

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Feb 4 17:33:10 EST 2016

Ideally, our front desk area will have room for some of the very 
nice-looking Amdahl cabinets and/or the Cray YMP-EL.

The various Amdahl cabinets are awesome because they're empty inside, so 
they'd be an ideal place to keep shirts, fliers, supplies, maybe a 
modern server, etc. ..... the Cray is just plain old awesome .... a 
front desk powered by a supercomputer? Very fun for all involved.

This idea may have to wait until the * next * museum stage, which 
probably won't happen for several years. But I'm holding out hope that 
we can find a way to squeeze it in now.

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