[vcf-midatlantic] So, we're going to need an office computer.

Martin A Flynn maflynn at theflynn.org
Fri Feb 5 06:32:09 EST 2016

There are Small form factor (SFF) DC5800 by HP  on site that you can 
have.   They have  sale / disposal restrictions, but you could run it 
until it dies and return it for disposal.

There are legitimate volume license keys you can utilize, although 
keeping it patched and W10 free while not on a domain is going to be a 


On 2/5/2016 12:26 AM, Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> We're going to need a computer for the new museum's office/workbench 
> area.
> Requirements:
> 1. It must have a very small footprint. A full tower, anything 
> rack-mounted, servers, etc. are not suitable for our current 
> situation. Ideally a "mini" case (ha! a minicomputer...) would serve 
> us well.
> 2. We don't need a laptop and would rather have a desktop anyhow, so 
> we can more easily upgrade it and avoid proprietary stuff.
> 3. Its motherboard should have a sufficient CPU and enough RAM 
> capacity to run a modern operating system.
> 4. Serial port. :)
> 5. We'll need this in the next few weeks.
> That's about it. I figure we can buy a cheap SSD, install Windows 7 
> SP1 -- which is the least-worst version of Windows -- and make it 
> dual-boot into Linux. I can do all of that myself, but it would 
> certainly save time if the system gets to us already configured this way.
> I have a spare USB keyboard/mouse to donate. VCF owns a few small-ish 
> square LCDs, but we could definitely use a donation of a modern 
> wide-screen LCD -- perhaps a 22-inch or around that size.

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