[vcf-midatlantic] So, we're going to need an office computer.

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 14:13:26 EST 2016

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> Subject: [vcf-midatlantic] So, we're going to need an office computer.
> We're going to need a computer for the new museum's office/workbench
> area.
> Requirements:
> 1. It must have a very small footprint. A full tower, anything rack-mounted,
> servers, etc. are not suitable for our current situation.
> Ideally a "mini" case (ha! a minicomputer...) would serve us well.
> 2. We don't need a laptop and would rather have a desktop anyhow, so we
> can more easily upgrade it and avoid proprietary stuff.

Conflicting requirements detected. Most small footprint cases have some level of proprietary crap.

> 3. Its motherboard should have a sufficient CPU and enough RAM capacity to
> run a modern operating system.
> 4. Serial port. :)
> 5. We'll need this in the next few weeks.

The small footprint IBM/Lenovo boxes would seem to fit Most have a couple of slots and a serial port.

> That's about it. I figure we can buy a cheap SSD, install Windows 7 SP1
> -- which is the least-worst version of Windows -- and make it dual-boot into
> Linux. I can do all of that myself, but it would certainly save time if the system
> gets to us already configured this way.

Sounds a good iea.


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