[vcf-midatlantic] So, we're going to need an office computer.

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 16:37:21 EST 2016

> I have had to
> re-install drivers, reboot the computer, etc when using the USB-->serial
> cable on Win Vista and up.

Good point, my experience is based 100% on Linux and OpenBSD use. It's built into the kernel on both of those platforms, so you don't have to worry as much about driver compatibility, or FTDI deciding, "let's brick some devices that might be knockoffs."

> Even with a new machine there is usually a serial port on the motherboard,
> just connect an internal serial port cable to the motherboard and pull it
> from the motherboard to an external slot so you can get to it.

Yep, even my quad-core AMD A10 motherboard has a COM header. Almost every industrial Mini-ITX motherboard I've bought has *at least* one, often two, up to four.


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