[vcf-midatlantic] Pick 24 :)

Bob Applegate bob at applegate.org
Sat Feb 6 08:30:09 EST 2016

My partial list, only systems I’m particularly fond of:

Franklin ACE 100, maybe a 1000 instead.  Disclosure: I was an engineer for those.  They were all made in NJ.
Apple II.  It was a hugely popular machine that many people can identify with.  Apple II says funded the Mac and kept Apple going.
C64.  Again, very popular.
Atari 800.  Lots of people actually watched the movie about ET and know Atari.
Early Mac.
First PC.  No need for nameless clones.
Osborne.  People are shocked to see a “portable” computer from that era.
TRS-80.   With RS on the decline it’s nice to see when they were really selling a  lot of stuff.


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