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> >> My partial list, only systems I’m particularly fond of
> I'd say all the systems you listed are shoo-ins.
> The reason we'd display a generic 386 in addition to the original IBM PC
> is because clones defined (and continue to define) a whole era, and also to
> demonstrate Windows 3.1, which (whether we like it or not) brought the GUI
> to mainstream* businesses and home users.
> * Whereas prior sales by Apple and others only reached a tiny percentage
> of the general public

There was a price war in 1992 among the makers due to clones, agreed.  All
majors were losing money..  I vote, respectfully, that you consider using
the one clone maker that turned "name brand" in 1992 ...  Gateway 2000's
In other words, historically Gateway 2000's "year" was 1992, their sales
increased the most of any year they were on the market in 1992.
Historically this pairs with the Win 3.1 launch quite nicely and would look
better than a clone, if you have one.

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