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>>> Ps. I like Dan's idea! Simple grounding station near our entrance.
>> A small display at the discharge station can have some information about
>> ESD.  Most people have zero understanding of it.  I dealt with a Senior
>> Software Engineer who blew up multiple prototype boards because he ?knew?
>> how to handle electronics and didn?t follow well-established company 
>> rules.
>> Bob
> ?To further enlighten the public with some hands on education,
> You could pickup a "Electrostatic meter" on eB at y
> Some vintage ones even go for less than $100
> And show how many electron-volts they have stored inside themselves 
> ?before
> they get discharged.
> All they need to do it touch the positive probe on the Electrostatic 
> meter,
> read the measurement, and then touch the discharge station.
> The negative probe of the electrostatic meter connects to the same Earth
> ground.
> Dan

   > That is a REALLY good idea, Dan!

>Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
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You might consider grounding the metal display racks, especially those 
having equipment having metal cases, less some unit having a ground fault 
cause the the rack to be hot.

Anyone touching the rack would have any charge they had discharged.


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