[vcf-midatlantic] Moving report

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sat Feb 6 20:12:41 EST 2016

Steve A., Tony, and I had a very productive day moving stuff from the 
old museum to the new one.

In the first two rooms (consumer + business microcomputers), we moved 
ALL of our artifacts -- systems, books, peripherals, etc. -- into one 
corner of the new space. Steve has a station wagon and Tony has a cargo 
van. Both arrived with their vehicles empty, and we made several trips 
with each car pretty well loaded.

All that's left of ours in those two rooms are the white wire shelving 
attached to the walls. That will be very easy to take down; we'll do it 
next time.

We left behind the ugly metal desks and the carpet. InfoAge plans to 
dispose of the desks in their own way, which is fine with me! Moving 
those by ourselves would be very difficult and time-consuming.

Next weekend (not yet sure which day), we'll tackle the homebrew-era 
room. That will be slightly more challenging than today's effort, 
because the systems are heavier. The only really heavy thing we had to 
move today was the IBM 5100 dual 8" floppy cabinet.

You all know what's looming -- the big stuff. These include two 
heavy-ass display cases, Bendix G-15 and its desk, George (four full 
racks), IBM 1130 (computer, printer, card reader, 029 keypunch), PDP-8 + 
teletype, and I forget the model number of the other double-wide DEC 
mini -- 785?

We need to plan that move carefully and have the right volunteers in 
place. Basically, we just have to get across the sidewalk, concrete 
ramp, and gravel-covered blacktop -- a distance of about 25 feet. Then 
we'll be indoors on perfectly flat concrete.

Probably the most important thing we'll need for that move is a couple 
of people who are very experienced with moving the large stuff.

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