[vcf-midatlantic] What should be on our (tiny) workbench?

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Feb 7 00:04:27 EST 2016

As previously mentioned, our new museum space will have a small bench 
area. This won't be a fully equipped workshop, due to space (and also 
because we can use the IXR hackerspace's workshop whenever needed), but 
it will be good for quick/simple projects.

What equipment should be put in there?

So far:
- Martin's getting us a nice SFF computer
- We will get a budget wide-format (13x19) printer
- Corey donated a desoldering station
- I still need to check if we already have a scope
- Alex J. donated a variac

We'll need a decent soldering station and a set of tools. As you would 
all guess, my strong preference is to have one nice matching set of 
tools, not a hundred mismatched parts.

What else should be seek, especially re: anything of significant cost?

Of course, our * other * strong preference is to have everything donated. :)

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