[vcf-midatlantic] Micro exhibit: What goes where?

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Mon Feb 8 18:55:43 EST 2016

Over at http://www.vcf.org/evan/whatgoeswhere.jpg you'll find my latest 
list of which microcomputers should be displayed in our new space.

Left column is the bottom (primary) shelf, which is where we'll have 
systems that are operable (not all of them, but many). Right column is 
the top shelf, where most systems will lack screens and stuff.

Blank spots are where I could use suggestions about what to put (and why).

Chart is sorted by year of the left column item.

Some of the top-shelf items are obvious, for example other Apples above 
the Apple II, other Commodores above the 64, etc.

Others are, shall we say, "creative", for Horizon about the Xitan 
(because they're both Z-80 but the Xitan is an NJ product), Z-100 above 
the H-89 (to show that electronics kit maker Heathkit was involved in 
the computer field too; Z-100 was an H-100 inside), Epson QX-10 above 
the Lisa (office suite apps), and so on ..... one or two items are a 
little more random because they didn't fit anywhere else, such as the 
OSI above the 99/4A.

Constructive criticism is welcome and especially good suggestions for 
what to put in the four blank boxes.

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