[vcf-midatlantic] Micro exhibit: What goes where?

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Mon Feb 8 20:52:24 EST 2016

> I've mostly been a fly on the wall since I'm so far away

Always glad to hear from you, Mike.

> At a glance, my only thought is with the Atari 8-bit
> together with the other 8-bit computers, the ST should go closer in line
> to the 68k systems like the Macs and Amiga.

The ST may not necessarily be on display anywhere. I was only thinking 
"other Atari computers" for that top shelf. If we want to include it but 
among similar systems, then perhaps it could rival the Sony SMC-70 for 
that slot above the Amiga. (Now that I think about it, the 1040 and the 
SMC-70 are both small-ish, so maybe we could fit both up there. 
And...... Google says the 1040ST is 18.x inches wide, SMC-70 is 14.x, so 
they'll both fit on the 36-inch shelf.)

> Also, with layout, I would love to know what the presentation will be,
> the logical flow of the displays may be determined by that

Layout: www.vcfed.org/evan/9010layout.jpg -- only part now shown is our 
small classroom/workshop, which is left of the "Computer of the Month" 
display in the upper-left corner.

> will be rough, but partly I see timeline, partly I see "generations",
> also manufacturers, and also key topics, such as local NJ, homebrew, or
> perhaps even rare/special historical.

As stated, the chart is chronological by system in the left column. Any 
other trends you see there are natural (generations) or coincidental.

> Seems like things are coming together nicely

They are! I'm happy with how it is going. The lease is signed, we have 
four orders from three shelf companies en route, going to order the 
stools tonight, our double door is almost ready, we've got a layout, we 
cleared out two of four rooms from our old museum, we'll do more moving 
this weekend, we have a new office computer + printer + screen being 
donated (different person donating each part), and now we're almost done 
with deciding which microcomputers go where.

What's left? The rest of the move (including the big stuff), deciding 
what to use for a front desk, making all new posters, building the 
furniture when it arrives, setting up all the computers (from the old 
museum and others from our warehouse), cabling everything, building the 
"modern history" exhibit, building the classroom/workshop, and getting 
it all done in time for VCF East. Whew! That's a lot of work, but I am 
having a blast doing it.

> There are so many cool artifacts you guys have too like newsletters
> and documentation, wish more of that can be scanned or made available

So do we. :) Unfortunately there won't be space for a library, but we 
will try to think of a creative way to display/store certain things such 
as early issues of all the major computer magazines.

> as resources allow

Those are the magic words.

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