[vcf-midatlantic] Interest in Lawrence Livermore Labs MST-80 Intel 8080 Trainers?

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 16:59:00 EST 2016


One of my parts/test equipment suppliers has contacted me with an offer on 6 or 7 Lawrence Livermore Labs MST-80(B?) trainers. These are 8080 trainers in a briefcase -- I brought mine to VCF East a few years ago. They have a keypad and three hex displays and can be controlled via a ROM monitor. Expansion is really simple, and the MST-80 provides DIP headers for address/data/control signals, as well as onboard I/O ports and 10 LEDs.

The manuals are available online (IIRC Doug Crawford scanned his manual and that's the copy most people have), I don't yet know if any of these come with a hardcopy of it.

What I'd like to know from list members is:

- What would you pay for a repaired/tested/working unit?
- What would you pay for an "as is" but not trashed unit? (cosmetically OK, all bits present, just untested)
- What would you pay for just the board, in the event the briefcases are torn up? (haven't seen them yet)

I'm trying to figure out what a fair offer is. They will of course be made available to VCFers if I purchase them!


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