[vcf-midatlantic] Feb. 27-28 workshop

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Mon Feb 15 11:31:01 EST 2016

There is a twist to the next repair workshop on Feb. 27-28: we'll be moving the big systems out of the old museum that weekend. Hope to start Saturday morning and get it done in a few hours, so we can have a normal workshop the rest of the weekend.

InfoAge gave us permission to Glitch operate their forklift. He has a lot of experience and safety training.

The stuff we'll have to move is: Bendix G-15, tape drive, possibly its desk; all four racks of George; IBM 1130, printer, card reader, and 029; Vax 785; a couple of display cases; and the PDP-8. There may be other things. We'll use blankets to protect the systems from the forklift itself. Only actually lifting and moving stuff a very short distance -- about 25 feet -- but it's across beat-up old blacktop which is why we're not just pushing everything on their old caster wheels.

There will be a specific order in which we need to move things into the new museum.

Jon will be in charge of safety and loading/unloading.

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