[vcf-midatlantic] Vintage stuff I should get rid of

William Dudley wfdudley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 21:08:21 EST 2016

I've been a pack rat for decades, and lately I've been stumbling upon stuff
which was "junk" 20 years ago but is now probably "collectible".

I thought I'd post a few examples here to gauge interest.  If something
is appropriate for the museum, or somebody wants something for their
private collection, let me know.

Here are the first few things I've found, that I should have thrown out
decades ago:

1. 5 Intel 1702A-2 EPROMS.  These are in ceramic/gold packages (with
window).  Each holds
a grand total of 256 bytes of storage.

2. A Zenith Z-89 terminal.  Like the Heath/Zenith all in one computer, but
without the
computer part -- just the CRT terminal in an over-wide package.

3. Books (all are 8" x 5 1/4" paperback)

digital pdp-8/a minicomputer handbook 1976-77

digital introduction to programming 1970

digital small computer handbook 1973

digital introduction to minicomputer networks (copyright 1974)

4. IBM 8514 Monitor

Bill Dudley

This email is free of malware because I run Linux.

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