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Thu Feb 18 13:35:25 EST 2016

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 11:40 AM, Mark Moulding via vcf-midatlantic <
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> Chris asked:
>> Did someone here say that Jegs screwdrivers are good quality?
> Dave responded:
>>  I'd be awfully suspicious at that price.  Twenty bucks is about the
>> right price point for one or maybe two GOOD screwdrivers.  Surely not 69!
> Another Chris concurred:
>> Dave, I am also in that camp.
> That all said, I actually have a set of these on one of my workbenches,
> and have been quite happy with them.  Understand, I'm old and cranky enough
> to not put up with crappy tools, and over the years most of the junk has
> been jettisoned.
> I bought this set (for a bit more money, but still cheap) on a whim, and
> was quite surprised to find out that they're actually pretty good.
> (They're on my electronics bench, so they don't get abused very much, and I
> haven't worn one enough to have to re-grind one yet.)  My only real
> complaint is that there are no cabinetry screwdrivers in the set (the kind
> that doesn't flare at the tip, so you can use it in a hole that's the same
> size as the screw head).

Though they are not at all expensive, and the steel is not extremely hard,
I love this screwdriver set:


Most bits that I need are there, and the screwdriver feels very good, in my
hand.  It can handle enough torque to do most of the assembly on a CNC
machine, and is small enough to carry anywhere.  Definitely worth the
money, even if not tip-top quality.

- Alex

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