[vcf-midatlantic] Should the new museum have a name?

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sat Feb 20 08:24:56 EST 2016

>>> If we decide to have a name, then I'd lean toward two angles:
1. Not box ourselves in to "New Jersey".
2. Not box ourselves in to "museum".
For example, "Eastern Computer History Center" or something like that.

>> That name seems pretty close to me. What makes our center unique is that the computers are still alive mostly. “Eastern Computer Living History Center”. I think we should try to capture that out old computers work and if they don’t we are trying to fix them.

Right, but "Living" is already taken by LCM out in Seattle, and five words is too many.

What's a good synonym for "living" or "hands-on" in this context? Or maybe it doesn't have to be a direct synonym. We could use a work that * evokes * our mission. For example, "Eastern Computer History Laboratory". I don't necessarily think "laboratory" is the right word, but maybe something along those lines. I won't be happy until we find the perfect name, if we're going to have a name for it at all. "VCF Command" may suffice. :)

We had a similar discussion when naming the old group 11 years ago....

Random thought: If we find a good word starting with "O" then Eastern Computer History (blank) becomes ECHO. Very appropriate!!!

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