[vcf-midatlantic] Should the new museum have a name?

Duane DBC1964 at cox.net
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Museum of American Computer Evolution (MACE) 

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>I was thinking... should our new museum have a formal name, as in, "The 
>XYZ Place, sponsored by the Vintage Computer Federation"...?

>Or if anyone asks, do we just call it VCF Headquarters?

>If we do think it should have some name, then what should that name be?

>I like how Paul Allen's group calls their place a "living" museum. Of 
>course, that word is taken, so we'd need some other word.

>Maybe "museum" also isn't the right word. Our home at InfoAge is more of 
>a hub and community center for vintage computing in the region. Perhaps, 
>if we give it a name, we should think of a word that reflects this.

>It would be awesome if the perfect word also started with F to continue 
>our theme of the Vintage Computer Federation owning the Vintage Computer 
>Festival (East/West), Vintage Computer Forum, and Vintage Computer... 
>Funhouse? Fraternity? No, those don't work.

>Let's hear some suggestions (real ones please; let's not clog the thread 
>with the smart-assery.)

>I'm thinking that unless we come up with something GREAT, then we should 
>just stick with Vintage Computer Federation as the name for the physical 
Museum of American Computer Evolution (MACE) 

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