[vcf-midatlantic] New museum setup report

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Feb 28 20:23:12 EST 2016

Changed the subject line because the old museum move report is complete. :)

- Remember when we discussed "pick 25" for the microcomputer exhibit? Turns out only 20(ish) will fit. It was too cramped with 25 shelving units. I will start a separate thread (later tonight) about which systems to not (initially) display.

- The five units that won't fit in the micro exhibit will not go to waste. We discovered the many of the parts can be reconfigured for a perfect fit in the workshop/classroom corner. Score!

- Jeff J. and I finished assembing all but one shelving unit (for which we need a part that's arriving this week.)

- Jeff J. and I also found a great way to fit the Univac exhibit without making the aisles too claustrophobic. We might even be able to fit more of the Univac than planned! We also transferred one of the Univac i/o consoles (the only remotely "small" component) onto a stronger and better-sized pallet to make it uniform with the other components. Another thing we got done is we found a good way to cover the front of the pallets that will be easy, basically free, and look good.

- Next museum build day is probably next Sunday. We'll finalize it during the week.

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