[vcf-midatlantic] Pick 34)-ish

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Mon Feb 29 22:09:48 EST 2016

>> Why the Apple III (or GS)? I really don't see their significance. I would ditch either of those and include the SWTP 6800 for reasons that I mentioned before. in 1975 it was the main competition for the S-100 bus machines & it was sold directly to hobbyists.

I agree that the SWTP 6800 is more historically important than the Apple /// or GS. But I'm struggling to find the right place to put the 6800 and/or what else to remove to acommodate it.

I do have an idea that * might * work. There will be room for one unit which is 4 ft. wide vs. all the other units are 3 ft. wide, so that would make room for the 6800.

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