[vcf-midatlantic] OT: dual booting W7/Linux

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 23:26:49 EST 2016

>     Another option would be to set up the whole disk as a Linux partition, 
> then install and run Windows 7 under VirtualBox.  That way, you could have 
> Linux running full-time, and run Windows 7 as necessary with VirtualBox.

Additionally, it's possible to configure VirtualBox to boot the physical partition on a dual-boot system. I used to do this when dual-booting in college -- VirtualBox for most Windows applications, but reboot into Windows for heavy-duty CPU intensive stuff.

IIRC, there was some hackery on forcing, among other things, Ethernet MAC address, to keep Windows from deactivating.


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