[vcf-midatlantic] Correction: Semi-OT: printer for new museum signs

frida fried frd_fried at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 4 11:30:38 EST 2016

Evan, I've bought a couple of Epson Workforce multifunction devices which have a scanner glass 11x17, and can print larger than 11x17 as well. They are inkjet, and the WF7610 and one WF7620 have worked well; there is a WF7110 printer only 13x19 inkjet as well, but I have no experience with that one. (at $149 it is reasonably priced, but ink isn't cheap)


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>> We spent $2K

That's where I stopped reading. :)

But I just learned that even very cheap inkjets, sub-$200, can print 11x17. That might be our best compromise if a larger printer is unaffordable.


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