[vcf-midatlantic] FS: Vintage Meters!

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 21:49:52 EST 2016


Another lot of test equipment to process! Figured I'd offer a few meters here before they go to eBay. This stuff came from the San Bernardino Valley College. I have the following three meters for sale:

Simpson 461:
	- Digital 3.5 digit meter
	- Pair of probes (red/black) included (these are reverse banana plug probes)
	- Volts/Ohms/Milliamps
	- Includes AC adapter
	- Found a proper set of Tenergy A size NiCd rechargeables
	- Tested, working, not calibrated but agrees with a calibrated Fluke 8842A
	- Very clean except a spot where it looks like someone scraped a sticker with a knife

HP 5005A Signature Multimeter:
	- Digital 3.5 digit meter
	- Probes and timing pod included
	- Volts/Ohms/Frequency/Period
	- Sort of a super high end logic probe as well
	- Tested, working, not calibrated but agrees with a calibrated Fluke 8842A
	- Faded red stencil on top, timing pod has one loose corner latch

Triplett Model 60:
	- Analog meter, Simpson 260 workalike
	- Doesn't register volts, didn't test further
	- No probes

The HP 5005A in particular is really suited to debugging old computers. It's approximately from the right era for this group's interest, and combines the two tools I use the most: a multimeter and logic probe. It also allows gating its measurements (measurement valid when another signal is at another state) like some of the high end logic probes out there.

I'd keep the Simpson 461 for myself (it's a really cute little meter!) but I don't need another DMM.

Can ship or deliver to the next VCF event I attend. Contact off-list with offers. Pictures on request.


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