[vcf-midatlantic] January Workshop - Whats the plan?

Bob Aviles raviles132001 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 5 10:47:50 EST 2016

Hi all,
  I have two C64 and one CBM 8050 that i can bring to the workshop. 

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For those new to workshops the idea is to pick a rough theme because then
people will know what tools and parts to bring with them for shared
collaboration.  I'm game for 1541 repair why not.

People coming to this event, among with  whatever else also please bring
working 1541 drives, 6502 and ROM chips, c64s that work, cables, and docs.
With these we can compare and contrast working drives with non-working.
That's the key to speedy repair.  Bring also diagnostic tools related
specifically to this drive, diagnostic programs, cleaning kit, power
supplies etc.  If everyone brings a little we'll be quite stocked with
parts to use for testing and repair

I have fixed a number of these and I have 10 or so that work.  I will bring
a few.

Note there are variations of 1541s, it will be helpful for those who need
repair help to specify which type of 1541 they have so we know which type
to prepare to support

Nothing wrong with bringing other types of drives too if that bakes your
frijoles. I could also be convinced to being other cbm drive models if we
were to expand to the entire CBM drive family.  IEEE drives or serial.  I
even have a d9090.

I will also bring some c64s to repair or anything commodore if that's the

Do I hear a 'second' ?

Bill Degnan
twitter: billdeg


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