[vcf-midatlantic] Amiga 1000 case

Anthony Becker commodoreuser at verizon.net
Tue Jan 5 13:53:11 EST 2016

Okay, I did send this out on the other list (at least I think I did, 
sometimes emails from my phone would go to limbo land)

But I met someone at VCFE-X who has the GB1000 replacement motherboard 
for the Amiga 1000. I have an empty 1000 case.

I probably took down their info but have no idea where it is, and if I 
took it down since things were so busy there I probably just wrote the 
email address and not what i wrote the address for.

Think this was the person who was talking to me also about getting Amiga 
Unix on my 3000UX

So hoping they are on this list. Contact me and we can arrange getting 
it to you.

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