[vcf-midatlantic] January Workshop - Whats the plan

Todd George todd.george at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 16:36:48 EST 2016

Yes! 1541's sound like a great plan.

Some topics I'd like to suggest:
- Proper care and feeding
- Alignment
- Speed Adjustment
- Cleaning

Additionally I will bring my "Bucket O' Parts", EPROM burner and related
equipment, tools including desoldering gun (that reminds me, I need
maintenance parts for that).  I'll bring some cleaning supplies as well
(99% isopropyl, and try to find some lint-free Q-Tips).

I'll also bring a bunch of other Commodore stuff including diagnostic
harnesses and whatnot.

Does anyone have an alignment disk or two?  Are they generally required or
do people usually just use an oscilloscope with a factory produced original
disk?  Once we align can we then produce known-good alignment disks for

Thanks guys. Can't wait!!!

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