[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Virtualbox problems

Christopher Blackmon ckblackm at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 12 22:09:41 EST 2016

New motherboards frequently have a setting to allow virtualization in the BIOS.It allowed assigning more than 1 core and more ram when i did it.


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Certainly not vintage, asking here because you guys are smart!

I had Windows 7 Pro 32-bit installed on VirtualBox under Ubuntu. It 
worked fine, albeit very slow.

Last week I bought a new motherboard, processor, and RAM. What I had was 
about 8 years old and only 2GB RAM. The new specs include a 64-bit 
processor and 16GB RAM (expandable to 64).

I didn't have to reinstall anything -- plugged in my SSD and the OS and 
all programs worked fine, just a whole lot faster!

The only thing that broke is Windows under Virtualbox. It kept saying 
"aborted" upon booting.

I uninstalled it and replaced it with the 64-bit version. Same problem 
-- it aborts during boot, can't even install it.

Googling wasn't particularly helpful. Any ideas?


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