[vcf-midatlantic] wide printer to donate if it works/fixed at workshop

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Jan 14 10:48:50 EST 2016

> speaking of donations...  is there a "wish list" or guidelines on what's
> needed/accepted?  Many of us have various pieces of equipment in various
> states of repair - before I put things on eBay i'd be happy to see if
> anything is worth donating...

We don't have a formal list. Considered it, but I would not know what to 
put on it... we usually do well with one-off requests, such as the printer.

> on the flip side wondering if the federation has (or should have) an eBay
> account?  if there is excess donated equipment in the museum inventory it
> could be converted into cash !!

We don't. Turns out the IRS had very strict rules about what a 
non-profit can/can't do in regards to "de-accessioning" its property. 
Corey C. can elaborate.

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