[vcf-midatlantic] wide printer to donate if it works/fixed at workshop

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Jan 14 11:29:42 EST 2016

HP DesignJet 1050C printers and similar have a power supply issue where a 
single cap goes bad and the printer will not power on. So if you can find 
one that does not power on, just warm the PSU board with a hair dryer, it 
will come on, then let it cool down, keep cutting board area in half and 
you will narrow it down quickly. I want to say the bad cap sits on it's 

This worked for my 36" printer, and a friend got the 42" model with the 6 
ink carts and same trick fixed his.

That being said, I can print stuff if you need it printed. I run expired 
ink carts and heads so they're cheap, PDF/vector files best.

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