[vcf-midatlantic] CF, SD, or other modern media replacements used for vintage systems

Joseph Oprysko joprysko1 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 18:00:26 EST 2016

For my VCF East display this year I'm planning on presenting various modern
media replacements used on vintage systems, I have access to a couple
different methods for various systems, but would like to hear what you have
and use, and for what systems.

I'd like to have a variety of different types shown, so it doesn't look
like I'm favoring one specific type (otherwise I would just have the ones
for the Mac/Apple II systems) and a multicart for a video game system (Sega
Genesis) I know on eBay I saw a device for the Commodore called the SDrive

I'd like to have a variety of the different floppy drive "replacements"
that people have come up with and marketed to be able to show people ease
of use with traditional hardware, speed, compatibility, etc.

If anyone has any such devices that I would be able to borrow for the
festival, it would be greatly appreciated. Message me privately if you do,
as it would likely lead to off topic conversations.

Thank you,

Joseph Oprysko

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