[vcf-midatlantic] Friday classes @ VCF East

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Mon Jan 18 22:05:48 EST 2016

Very few people responded to last week's call for subjects/teachers, so 
we're taking a straightforward path instead of creative new things.

Most classes will be two hours. Some may be double sessions; TBD.

We don't yet know if there will be three or four classrooms available. 
Hoping to find out soon. There will be morning and afternoon sessions, 
meaning 12 or 16 classes.

Tentative topic list follows. These are all tech repair classes, not 
historical lectures.

1. Apple 1 + Replicas
2. Apple II
3. Apple Classic Mac
4. ASR-33 Teletype
5. Commodore PET
6. Commodore 64
7. DEC PDP-11
8. IBM PC 5150
9. MITS Altair 8800
10. Radio Shack TRS-80
11. Cassette Tape - Willegal
12. PCB Design for Vintage Computing - Willegal

If we have a fourth room available:
13. Power Supplies
14. CRT
15. Paper Tape (should immediately follow Teleype on the schedule)
16. Disk Imaging + Drives

Topics can change based on who's available to teach, demand for other 
subjects/systems, etc.; meanwhile I'll contact several list members 
individually to get the necessary teachers (or feel free to volunteer).

Some subjects are repeats from past years.

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