[vcf-midatlantic] Museum move - getting closer...

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Wed Jan 27 16:15:36 EST 2016


Here's an update on the status of moving our museum.

- We signed the new lease a couple of weeks ago. We will pay a 
(symbolic) $1/year for five years, and then we have five one-year 
renewals at the same price.

- InfoAge received an estimate for turning one of the new room's single 
doors into a double door. A second estimate is forthcoming. Having a 
double door will allow us to more easily bring in larger stuff including 
the pallet-ized UNIVAC.

- Fred and I are meeting soon to sort out the keys.

- IA leadership includes someone who is an architecture and art 
professor. We've been asked to show him our layout plan for feedback and 
hopefully will do so this weekend.

- We purchased a small amount of a new kind of shelving. We're going to 
assemble a single unit this weekend (will only take 15 minutes). If it 
works as expected, then we'll make the large purchase based on our 
recent fundraiser.

- Depending on how busy we all are at the workshop this weekend, I may 
ask for two or three helpers to start taking apart our old museum. For 
example we can start by boxing up all the books and putting them into 
the warehouse. (We recently purchased a bunch of file boxes.)

- We are delaying the addition of more electrical circuits into the new 
room until we see the final costs of the door, furniture, etc.

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