[vcf-midatlantic] DC Area Head Count

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Sat Jan 30 10:49:40 EST 2016

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Strange email, pine can't reply.

I am in the greater DC area (Chantilly VA area.)

I normally collect smaller systems these days like Atari, Commodore, etc. 
I do own an IMSAI, some Apple IIs, BeBox, Cray J932SE, and some other 

I am involved with a video game music and gaming festival called MAGFest. 
The next event is on Feb 18th-21st at the Gaylord National Harbor. Last 
year we brought back the computer museum spread, and this year it's moving 
to it's own room. It will mostly be plastic micros like Ataris, 
Commodores, TRS-80s, etc. There might be some rare stuff. Maybe a PC68000 
from Japan (that game console that uses the 1.2MB floppies.) Quite a bit 
of macintosh, and IBM PC including 5150, 8088s, 286s, 386s, 486s, 5x86, 
etc. Thin net running Doom. It's a game / music fest so most things are 
certered around that.

My role with the org is arcade room, we've got a 30,000 square foot room 
with 270+ machines expected. 40+ pinballs. Imported music games are 
getting higher in the numbers, classic arcades are suffering a bit 
(classic game #s aren't increasing or decreasing, we're just getting more 
of the 90s and 2000s stuff now.) We do trade badges in return for arcade 
machines, the games mostly come from collectors (although more of the 
collectors have started moving to renting maches for events.)

Abbbbout 20,000 people expected to show up. People like the classic 

Al Lowe was there 2 events ago!

There are pics on the internet.

I'm also a member of NovaLabs, the Northern Virginia makerspace. There is 
meeting space there, but at my membership level I don't have keys. If 
there was a desire for a get together that might be a good place. Could 
also do any restaurant if it's just to talk.

 			- Ethan

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