[vcf-midatlantic] DC Area Head Count

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Sat Jan 30 11:39:10 EST 2016

> I do have one question however ... how does one acquire a Cray J90 anything? 
> or any Cray for that matter?  An EL-92 or 94 ( so I can actually power it in 
> a house ) has been on my wish list for decades.
> - Derrik

I have a J932SE I would be interested in selling for near $10K.
It's heavy though, I think a walk out double door basement or concrete 
floored garage would be the only way to have it in a residential house.

It would use 90 amps @ 220VAC max. I can't remember what I actually 
measured it at, more like 20 amps give or take actual use.

Power supplies on the Cray side is 5 x Pioneer Magnetics 5000 watt 48vdc 
things, similar to Sun E10K.

 			- Ethan

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