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> >  Mine has her limits too, but they're HER limits, not mine.  Likewise,
> > mine are not hers.  Thus, I offer these additional cases in addition
> > to your list above:
> >  5) A compatible spouse
> >  6) A spouse who doesn't seek to control her spouse's activities
> I'm not sure number 6 exists in nature.
> Perhaps only in a laboratory :-)

Not so sure. When I got married, which was some years ago, we were required
to attend "Wedding Classes" and at these some girls who were also in the
class were discussing how they were going to change their husbands to be, so
no Pub, no Soccer Matches etc. My wife said, well what is the point in
getting married if you are going to try and change them, marry for what
someone is....
... note it was my wife that said that. Of course she does try and change me
from time to time..

> Tony


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