[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 7/3/2016

Bill Dromgoole drummy at comcast.net
Sun Jul 3 18:06:13 EDT 2016

I was at the museum today with Bill Degnan.
Corey Cohen was there to unlock the doors.
We had three groups of visitors today. The first was a women and three children.
The kids were very excited but Mom was afraid they would break something so they didn't stay long.
The next was an older man who was reminiscing about the old days when he operated some similar equipment
He hung around for a while and kept talking to Bill D. Ha-ha
The last was a couple who were very interested in the punch cards and the card reader/printer on the IBM 1130.
Apparently she used to work with punched cards and formatting data for the keypunch operators.

Bill D1 was able to complete his tasks given to him by Jeff. He got all the computers working except for the TRS 80 model 1 which was missing a cable.
Bill D2 removed the capstan from the display Univac 1532 and cleaned out all the gummy rubber and debris left in the paper tape reader.
We also checked two of the three warehouse 1532s. The capstans on them are in equally bad condition to the one removed from display.
We took one of the other bad capstans off of the warehouse 1532 for comparison and measurements.
We have fairly accurate measurements taken with a vernier dial indicator caliper.
Now we need to get one rebuilt.
The extra capstan is in the bottom drawer of the I/O console.

Bill Drom

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