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Corey Cohen applecorey at optonline.net
Sun Jul 3 19:31:55 EDT 2016

> On Jul 3, 2016, at 7:26 PM, J. Alexander Jacocks via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vintagecomputerfederation.org> wrote:
> Evan,
> That depends entirely on the Bluetooth version (2.1,3,4,etc.) and if it's
> LE (low energy) or not.  Just for the savings of ports, I'd try the laptop
> with the built-in Bluetooth, and if it works well, stick with it.
> Otherwise, you would have to disable the internal BT, before using the
> dongle, and possibly uninstall/reinstall software, depending on the
> particular modules.
> The difference in battery life is unlikely to be noticeable.  Range and
> reliability are likes to be the more obvious differences.
> - Alex
> On Sunday, July 3, 2016, Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic <
> vcf-midatlantic at lists.vintagecomputerfederation.org> wrote:
>> I ordered a Bluetooth mouse for my laptop. It comes with a little adapter
>> that plugs into the laptop's USB port. Dumb question: the laptop already
>> has Bluetooth built in, so would I not need that adapter? Then again, which
>> would use drain the laptop battery less -- the internal Bluetooth or the
>> adapter via USB?

I'll ask the question.  Did you just order a wireless mouse or does it say Bluetooth.   There are many wireless mice that use a USB dongle that are not Bluetooth.  


corey cohen
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