[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 7/3/2016

Jeffrey Brace ark72axow at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 12:06:09 EDT 2016

OK Thanks for fixing the PET! And the PC disk! I will look for a cable in
the warehouse for the TRS-80.

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> > >> You guys are welcome to fire up the keypunch
> >
> > We are expanding the docent staff from five to 10ish, but I don't think
> > there are many (any?) of us who really know how to operate it.
> >
> Exaggeration, I did not fix everything.
> Basically I got the PET and the IBM PC running as requested.  I left a
> bootable demo disk in the IBM PC that you can just turn on and go with.
> The TRS 80 needs the buffered expansion cable that goes from the TRS 80
> keyboard to the expansion unit.  I was not able to test the drives as a
> result.  I also powered on a lot of the systems and checked them out.
> I did not fix the Amiga or power it on for that matter.
> I tested the UNIX PC.
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