[vcf-midatlantic] display case for museum

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Wed Jul 13 17:42:09 EDT 2016


We need a large display case for some ENIAC/Univac artifacts.

We have a few display cases that are waist-high. But we need something 
taller in order to show more artifacts without using more floor space.

The ideal case would have a black exterior, adjustable shelves, lights 
for each shelf, mirrored back panel, and locking door. It would be four 
feet wide, a foot or two deep, and maybe chest height. That's asking a 
lot... we can probably take something simpler and add our own mirrors, 
lock, etc.

Anybody have something that might work or know where we could get 
something inexpensive?

I'm not above converting a bookcase or using Craigslist.

New ones are quite expensive.

(Don't just bring something in, we need to see it first...)

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