[vcf-midatlantic] Workshop 7/16 report

Jeffrey Brace ark72axow at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 01:28:02 EDT 2016

Alex and I were the first to arrive today. He helped me setup the tables in
the room. I started him working on the Hero 1 Robot. Alex can provide
deals, but he was unable to get the Hero 1 working. :(

Later Bill Dromgoole came and worked on the generator for the Univac. He
can provide you his progress report.

Dean and Drew worked on and fixed their three Vic-20 keyboards. They also
helped out myself with setting up the wi-fi network better as well as did a
food run to Taco Bell.

Jeff Jonas and Bill I. helped bring over and do a cursory check of the EAI
analog machine. Bill I. will be working on this tomorrow.

I worked on helping get everyone setup and settled and was docent at the
museum. There were about a dozen visitors.

I started sorting out the parts for the C64 robot, and picked out all the
parts for a project to build. I will work build it tomorrow.

Everyone shared knowledge and helped it each other out. It was great fun!

We ended the night rather early for a workshop at around 9pm.

We start again tomorrow at 10am.

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