[vcf-midatlantic] Vintage computer finds at the Sussex Hamfest

Jeff Galinat jgalinat at optonline.net
Mon Jul 18 08:33:00 EDT 2016

   I was a vendor at the Sussex NJ Hamfest run by Kelly's club. Usually 
I go solo which makes it tough to see the fleamarket.  This time my wife 
accompanied me so I was able to do some bargain hunting and was able to 
score some vintage computer items. I found a clean working TI Silent 700 
terminal for $10 and a KIM-1 for $20!  I was told by the seller that the 
KIM-1 didn't power up, was DOA and was only good for parts.   I was able 
to apply power to it last night, hit reset and it appears to be fully 
operational!  What I think might have happened was that the seller 
mistook the SST ON slide switch as a power on switch and didn't realize 
you have to hit reset to wake up the board.  It it an early Rev. B board 
has a white ceramic 6502, one white ceramic 6530 and a purple ceramic 
6530.  The board is in pretty good shape but the metal tops on the CPU & 
RRIOT chips have a good deal of oxidation.  The MOS 6502 legend is still 
visible on the CPU but the RRIOT chip legends are mostly unreadable.  
The 5K pot used in the cassette circuit is very badly rusted so I may 
replace it down the road as it in very bad shape.  I am very happy as I 
sold 2 KIM-1s many years ago and have regretted not keeping one for 
myself.  I also have a SYM-1 so now I have to keep an eye out for a 
Rockwell AIM-65 to round out my 6502 SBC collection.

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