[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Generators, was: FIOS Voice Backup Battery

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 17:33:17 EDT 2016

> Yes, we too were looking into a backup generator for our home. We were
> interested in one that hooked into the natural gas to our home. So there
> wouldn't be any gasoline issues or outdoor generators getting stolen.

That or propane is the way to go if you're not a mechanical maintenance minded person. Propane is a finite supply, but it also doesn't go away if the natural gas plant is having problems, or your neighborhood's gas service is off due to fire/flooding.

We've got a little 8.5 kW natural gas standby generator to install at the new house, came with a lot of other generators from a local generator service contractor. We effectively paid $500 for it, with under 300 hours on it. Bought the lot for the largest generator in it -- a massive 25 kW three phase machine, 3 cylinder industrial diesel, in its own metal shed with a fuel tank in the bottom. That's supposed to be for powering the farm during bad winter storms.

For long-term reliability, nothing beats an older all-mechanical diesel, especially military surplus units. Be ready to wrench and do periodic maintenance, though, they're usually not maintenance free units like modern consumer standby generators. We've got a WW2 Army signal corps generator on the farm that still provides good service, a 10 kW unit that starts with a hand crank. It's very reliable as long as you keep the critters out, run it every few months, and don't leave any gasoline setting in it.


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