[vcf-midatlantic] WWW Proxy Translation for Older Computers?

John Heritage john.heritage at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 13:07:52 EDT 2016

Hi folks!

I was playing around and finally got my Amiga 1200 running NetSurf.
Obviously it's horrendously slow, www.amiga.org took 141 seconds to
render..  but still fun :).

Does anyone know if there is a proxy server or similar out there that could
'simplify' web pages browsed through it.. for older computers like this?

Examples of simplification might be:
- Remove Ads
- Convert JPGs to something simpler to process (reduce colors, resolution)
- Strip Javascript or other 'difficult' stuff out

I can't find anything like this, and maybe it's on the super complex side..
but I figured I'd ask..

www.google.com appears to load 200 KB of text.. not counting the google
image, and even that takes ~ 15 seconds to render on this Amiga..  (68020 @
28 mhz, 35MB total RAM, no FPU).

John H

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