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>  *Extremely Rare Celebration Apple-1 Computer*
> https://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/extremely-rare-celebration-apple-1-computer-1092901
> Estimated Value: $1,000,000
> Current Bid: $270,000
> "The"Celebration" Apple-1 <http://apple1.charitybuzz.com/>is an original
> Apple-1 pre-NTI board that has many unique features, period correct power
> supply, original Apple-1 ACI cassette board (also populated with Robinson
> Nugent sockets), early Apple-1 BASIC cassettes, original marketing
> material, and the most complete documentation set of the known Apple-1
> boards.
> The "Celebration" Apple-1 is extremely rare not only because of the
> scarcity of Apple-1 computers, but according to Steve Wozniak, co-founder
> of Apple Computer, no known PCB boards of this type were ever sold to the
> public. At this time, this is the only known Apple-1 to show the signs of
> starting out as a blank original-run board and not part of the two known
> production runs, so this board appears to be unique from all other known
> Apple-1 boards."

there is another one?
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