[vcf-midatlantic] TRS-80 PC-1 & Printer

J. Alexander Jacocks jjacocks at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 15:40:51 EDT 2016

On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 3:34 PM, Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic <
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> I just picked up this system, and the screen is practically unusable.  Does
>> anyone know if there is a way to repair this kind of damage on the old LCD
>> screens.
> I think we had a similar discussion here not long ago.

I don't have any specific knowledge about LCD displays, but I think you'd
have to be more specific as to the particular type of damage involved,
probably including providing some pictures.  I suspect that it might well
be easier to replace the display, rather than to fix it, however.  Check
the display unit for any part numbers, as many are standard size and

As far as batteries go, replacing NiCd packs isn't particularly hard, as
most are made of standard cells.  Batteries Plus has been known to make up
custom packs, at customer request, as well.

- Alex

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