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Thu Jul 28 16:14:00 EDT 2016

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> I'm writing an article for work about end users being the weakest links in
> network security.
> Lined up an interview with a really famous hacker -- don't want to say
> who, but it begins with "Kevin" :) at 5pm ET today. That's one hour from
> now.
> Looking for serious suggestions of questions to ask him.
> Please reply on-list or privately, and PLEASE refrain from sarcasm or
> thread-drift.


Since it is all over the news, I would think someting aobut the hacking at
the DNC, since it was from clicking on phising emails. Or the ramifications
of a politicion asking a foregin government to activly hack into someones

Or even more padesterian, things like writing down logins and passowrdss
then taping them to the bottom of the keyboard.

Matt Patoray
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