[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Anyone have an old laserdisc player?

Steven Michelsen stevenm at optonline.net
Fri Jul 29 14:58:04 EDT 2016

I have more than one Pioneer LD-V8000 laserdisc players.  These were the industry standard player for commercial use - videowalls and the like.  They may be "too new" for your use but anyway...  For what it's worth they can play both CAV and CLV discs.   I bought a bunch (used) for a job in 1996 for a job, and now some of them are still lurking in a dark corner.  Every once in a while, I ALMOST get motivated to get them onto ebay, but for now here they sit. 

The next chance I have to get to a workshop is September.  If you still need to try one then let me know.


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I've got some late 70s / early 80s General Motors laserdiscs that I want to capture, but my 90s Sony player won't read them. I'd like to try the discs in a 70s player to see if there's any hope of getting them to play, but don't want to drop $$$ on a player when I'll only use it 4 or 5 times.

Does anyone on this list have a working player from 1984 or older with a gas tube laser? The GM dealers had Pioneer PR-7820's, I'd think that has the best chance of reading the discs.


Jason Perkins
313 355 0085

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