[vcf-midatlantic] TEI MCS-CPU 8080 CPU Board

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> I picked up a TEI MCS-CPU from Jeff Galinat at VCF East XI this year. It's
> an 8080 CPU board with onboard power-on jump, power-on reset, and MWRITE
> generation. Jeff didn't have any documentation on it, and I've been unable
> to find any online, other than mentions in sales literature. I took a
> little time tonight to go through it, figure out the onboard functions, and
> get it fully operational:
> http://www.glitchwrks.com/2016/05/31/tei-8080-cpu
I wonder if this is the board Roger Amidon wrote the Apple Monitor for?  I
have 1977 TEI Z80 docs, but nothing on any earlier 8080 boards.  I wonder
if you can find any info on Herb's site.

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